The MPC line of drum machines has been monumental in hip hop! The Roger Linn MPC60 and 3000 have the best swing you can get. Premier has been seen using the MPC60 among other legends in the game.

I’m a gear head and will cop the 60 or 3000 first chance I get; but for now the MPC1000 is gettin it done.

If I could go back, this would’ve been the first piece of equipment to get. Its mobile, sounds great and is easy to use.

After some practice, all you’ll need to make dope hip hop instrumentals is this machine and some vinyl. I’ve made a lot of tracks using just this drum machine by itself.

Do you have to have an MPC to make tracks? No, but it just has a certain sound to it. Audio coming out sounds fuller, more analog and less digital and flat. This is also great for processing drums and making your own original drum breaks to sample for Hip Hop Instrumentals. The audio isn’t quite as dirty and raw as the Ensoniq EPS but it sounds great in its own right.

There is also an aftermarket operating system called JJOS. It gives the MPC1000 features found on the 2500. With JJOS, there’s a lot more you can do when making live instrumentals and beats too. For the money, you can’t go wrong with a 1000 + JJOS.

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