Ensoniq EPS Classic

Since selling my newest Hip Hop CD, everyone is asking what I used to make the Instrumentals. A bunch of gear was used! I’ve focused a lot of time on how to make different styles of hip hop instrumentals and want to help others do the same. This post is on a technique to get those old school, grimey drums (like in 36 chambers).

One of my go to pieces for drums is the Ensoniq EPS sometimes called the EPS-Classic. This sampler has a long history when it comes to making hip hop instrumentals. Some producers such as RZA and El-P have been known to use this very same keyboard. The construction is pretty solid, this thing was built pretty well and somehow sounds great.

One rumor I’ve heard about the keyboard is that many of these burned up. There was no fan for cooling placed inside so the unit got too hot and simply stopped working. I’ve noticed the heatsink and screen gets hot when on for a long period of time. If you have one of these still, be sure to cool the heatsink in the back. A small fan will do the trick.

Even though I mostly use Ensoniq’s EPS for processing sounds and samples, it’s just fun to jam on. I’ve spent hours and hours hitting keys having a great time with this board. One thing I’ve noticed is truncating samples seems to take forever when compared to Akai’s MPCs. However, the extra time is always worth it because the drums off this thing sound amazing. By changing the sample rate you can get drums that are gritty, raw and bangin! Saving takes forever so you might want to track what you are playing and then sample that into the AKAI MPC. The end result gives that classic raw hip hop sound everyone loves.

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